Pakistan Police Launch Investigation After Seeing Stray Dog Carrying Baby’s Head In Jaws

The police in Pakistan have launched an investigation after they saw a stray dog carrying the head of a baby.

The head of the child, which looked like it was removed with a sharp blade, was seen hanging from the mouth of the dog as it wandered through the streets of Rawalpindi, a town that is located south of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

A security guard that was working in the area spotted the distressing situation and retrieved the head of the baby from the jaws of the dog.

The security officer called the police, who gathered the evidence and brought it with them.

An investigating officer confirmed that the head of the baby was removed with a sharp-edged weapon and dumped it somewhere.

It is believed that the dog might have picked up the head as it was roaming around.

The Government Medical College and Hospital took possession of the head.

Tests are being conducted to see if the kid was killed, poisoned, or suffered any other injuries prior to decapitation.

Nikesh Khatmode Patil, the deputy commissioner for the area, said:

We are yet to find the baby’s body. Efforts are also underway to find specific clues in the case. Considering the length of the baby’s hair, it is believed the deceased was around six months old.

Let us all hope authorities find the people that killed the baby.

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