Pilot And 3 Passengers Miraculously Escape Helicopter Crash Without Any Injuries

Images that were shared on social media showed a helicopter lying upside-down on a field in Kent, the UK, luckily, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

Terrifying images that were shared shows the Robinson R44 Raven II on its side close to the A299 near Herne Bay.

According to reports, the helicopter lost radio contact when the crash happened.

Witnesses said they watched the pilot performing an emergency landing.

A police officer at the scene said that everyone on board made it out without any serious injuries.

The Kent police were called to the scene, and they made sure no one would go near the wreckage.

Beverley Clayton, the Manager of the nearby Huntsman and Horn pub, released a statement about the incident, where they said:

We didn’t hear a thing. The first we knew of it was when we saw the ambulance and fire brigade rushing past and a customer looked online.

Beverly also pointed out that the aircraft was often seen landing at the Maypole Airfield.

The Kent and Rescue Service released a statement about the incident and said that the scene was controlled.

A spokesperson for the Kent and Rescue Service said:

Thanks to everyone who has called this in, however the scene now under control and being dealt with by emergency services. Thankfully there was no fire or persons trapped, so crews were able to make the scene safe while paramedics provided care to the pilot and passengers. The scene has now been passed to Kent Police to liaise with air accident investigators.

The police later said that no one was seriously injured in the incident.

The Kent Police Department said:

Kent Police was contacted at 10.05am on Sunday July 26 and notified that a helicopter had carried out an emergency landing in a field near Heart in Hand Road, Herne Bay. Officers are attending the scene along with partner agencies. No serious injuries have been reported. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed.

A Hazardous Area Response Team and HM Coastguard were brought to the scene to make sure there was no fuel leak.

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