President Duterte Tells Citizens To Clean Masks With Petrol And Says He Is Not Joking

Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, has once again said that people of their country should disinfect their face masks with petrol.

This time, he said he was not joking.

Last week, President Duterte made similar remarks, however health officials in the Philippines were quick to correct him and said that the president had made a joke.

However, the president said he is not joking.

On Friday, the president said, “what I’ve said was true… go to a gasoline station”.

For those that are wondering, there is no scientific evidence that suggests or proves that gasoline can disinfect masks. Instead, it can be harmful and is highly flammable.

During a speech on Friday, President Duterte said:

They [critics] said, ‘Duterte’s insane.’ Stupid! If I’m insane, you should be the president, not me. What I’ve said was true. If alcohol isn’t available, especially for the poor, just go to a gasoline station, and use [gas] to disinfect. I am not joking. I am not joking. You… you try to get inside my brain.

Last week, President Duterte said:

At the end of the day, hang [the mask] somewhere and spray it with Lysol if you can afford it. For people who don’t [have Lysol], drench it in gasoline or diesel… just find some gasoline [and] dip your hand [with the mask] in it.

Please do not wash your masks with gasoline.

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