Pro-Democracy Campaigners In Hong Kong Are Using Petrol Bombs Against The Police

On Christmas eve, protesters and pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong used petrol bombs against the police and went on to clash in malls.

Protestors were seen wearing Santa hats and reindeer horns as they rallied in shopping centers and on the streets of popular tourist areas.

Demonstrators were seen throwing petrol bombs towards the police.

The police responded with pepper spray and batons.

This situation has been continuous in the last 6 months of anti-government protests that are being held throughout Hong Kong.

The protests started in June this year after China presented the extradition bill, which will take residents of Hong Kong to go to China if they are being prosecuted.

Protests are now demanding an investigation into police brutality and democratic reform in the small country.

Christmas Eve Protests

On Christmas Eve, protests began on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok, which are 2 of the busiest shopping areas of Hong Kong. These 2 streets are famous for tourists.

Thousands of demonstrators were seen in the streets trying to fight for their rights.

Protestors were seen digging up bricks from the roads and setting up barricades.

A bank was also vandalized and set on fire during the protest.

As Christmas struck, protesters halted their action so they can wish everyone, which includes the police officers a Merry Christmas.

After greeting everyone, the clashes resumed.

Reuters was present when the protests were happening.

During an interview with the Reuters, Nigel Chan, a 25-year-old protester, said, “Many Hong Kong people didn’t expect this Christmas to be different… but this year the Christmas Eve seems to [have] become the time to fight.”

Mary, a protester, said, “Even though this is a very joyful event and holiday for us, some [protesters] are in jail… we should remind others that our fight has not ended yet.”

This is not the first time protestors and pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong used life-threatening weapons against the police.

In November this year, protesters were seen using petrol bombs, arrows, and catapults against the police when the protests were moved to a University Campus in Kowloon District.

The police responded with tear gas and pepper spray.

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