Proud Mother Filmed Husband Brutally Beating 6-Year-Old Son And Shared Video On Social Media

A 33-year-old mother from Russia recorded her 35-year-old husband brutally beating their 6-year-old son and even shared the entire clip on social media while bragging that they were doing the right thing.

Emilbek Zhunusov, the father, punched and kicked the 6-year-old kid after refusing to do press-ups at home in Moscow, Russia.

The horrible video of the incident shows the father grabbing a metal bar to pulverize his terrified son before a female relative stops them and brings the kid to safety.

Local reports claim that Zhunosov shared the video on social media while saying that this is the right way to educate a kid.

The mother was arrested by the police afterward on suspicion of torturing a minor.

They are currently facing up to 7 years in prison if found guilty.

Upon saving the child, the police said that the 6-year-old boy had bruises all over his body and showed signs of mental trauma.

Talking about the incident, Emilbek said:

I said to him to do push-ups but he refused. I did not beat him hard. He did not get any injuries. The child didn’t even feel anything and doesn’t hold a grudge against me. Everybody beat their children to raise a good person. I was beating my own child, not somebody else’s one. We are a friendly and happy family.

Emilbek was remanded in custody ahead of a trial in July this year.

According to reports, the parents of the boy are labor migrants who are originally from Kyrgyzstan.

They are working as janitors in Moscow, Russia.

The pair has 3 kids and is waiting for their fourth child.

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