Rapists will be chemically castrated under new strict laws of Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has approved a law that would allow them to chemically castrate rapists.

This comes after the government said that rapists in the country should be hanged to death in the public.

The law also includes increasing the role of women in policing, fast-tracking rape cases, along with witness protection.

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that no delay will be tolerated.

The Prime Minister said that that they needed to ensure a safe environment for their citizens.

The legislation is going to be transparent with strict enforcement and also, rape survivors will now be capable of registering complaints without any fear.

The government will also provide protection for the rape survivors.

Faisal Javed Kahn, a member of the Senate of Pakistan, said that this type of policy was really needed in the country.

Kahn added:

Strict punishments against wild beasts abusing children and women, special policing, fast track cases, protection of witnesses and victims, data bank of rapists, quick and expeditious investigations and other points have been drafted. Will be implemented soon to be approved by Parliament.

Sexual harassment and violence against women are extremely common in the country of Pakistan.

There are over 1000 women that get killed each year in horrible “honor killings”.

Some are stoned to death, some are beaten to death, and others are killed in ways that you can never imagine.

Let’s just hope that this new bill will protect the women in the country.

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