Southern Mexico Gets Hit With Massive 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake

A massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake reportedly hit the southern Mexico resort of Huatulco appeared to have killed at least 4 people on the morning of Tuesday.

Tremors were also felt miles away from the epicenter of the earthquake.

The earthquake happened at around 10:30 am local time, along with the country’s southern Pacific coast at a depth of 16 miles.

The epicenter was 7 miles south-west of Santa Maria Zapotitlan in Oaxaca State.

Tremors were felt in Central Mexico, southern Mexico, and Guatemala.

2 million people felt strong and moderate shakings in the country. Another 49 million people felt weak or light shaking, confirmed the authorities.

Gov. Alejandro Murat, an official with the Oaxaca State, said that investigations have suggested that there have been 4 confirmed deaths in the country.

A tsunami threat was also issued by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The organization predicted that 3 to 10 feet waves above tide levels could be seen in some parts of Mexico.

Central America, Peru, and Ecuador are expected to see smaller waves.

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