WWII Veteran Who Credits Long Life To Drinking Coors Light Daily Turns 102

Apparently, drinking beer will help you stay healthy and young, that’s what is said by a WWII veteran who is now 102-years-old.

Andrew E. Slavonic, a WWII veteran, is celebrating his birthday today and credits his long life to drinking Coors Light, a beer, on a daily basis.

Last year, Andrew made it on the news for drinking a Coors Light beer every day at 4 pm for over a decade.

Bob Slavonic, the son of Andrew, talked about how everything changed after his father went viral on social media.

During an interview with Fox News, Bob said, “All I can say is that it has been one helluva of a year for dad. He has never had this much attention in his life. I really think he loves it.”

He added, “He has met various people around town that have come up to him and wanted to shake his hand and ask him if it really the one Coors Light that keeps him going. He says it is.”

He continued, “We go to the local VFW Post 764 every Friday for dinner and everyone there just loves seeing him and talking to him.”

After his story got shared on social media, MillerCoors surprised the WWII vet with a beer fridge and even gave him a trip to the headquarters in Colorado.

The beer company also gave the family apparel.

Bob says a lot of nice people have greeted his father over the past year.

Wherever the WWII vet goes, someone comes to him and says that they have seen him on TV with the Coors Light.

Even at 102, Andrew still drinks 1 beer every day.

A daily dose of Coors Light eh?

Andrew started to drink A Coors Light at 4 pm every day 16 years ago.

Andrew was a fan of Coors Light way before that, but he decided to make it a daily habit and have a dose of his favorite beer.

Andrew was a nose gunner on the B24 Liberator and a top turret gunner on the B17 Flying Fortresses with the Air Force.

He also trained new pilots transitioning from 2 engines to 4 engine planes during the war.

Man, Andrew had a great life!

Talking about what people usually say to them, Bob said, people don’t believe that his father is 102-years-old.

Most of the people that meet Andrew think he is still in his 70s.

I would too Andrew, I would too.

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