Young Couple Accidentally Given $2000 Wine Bottle After Ordering Bottle Worth $18

A young couple was one of the very few people that get lucky due to a mistake.

The couple that we are talking about is from New York and they hit the jackpot when they were accidentally given a bottle of wine that is worth around $2000.

The bottle that they ordered was only supposed to be a house wine, which costs around $18.

Keith McNally, a New York Restaurant manager, revealed that the mix up happened due to an accident.

He confirmed the news at the Manhattan brasserie Balthazar.

Keith said that they accidentally gave a very expensive and rare bottle of wine to a young couple that ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir.

While posting it on Instagram, they said:

One night at Balthazar four Wall Street businessmen ordered the restaurant’s most expensive red wine: a $2000 bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. One of the two managers transferred the Bordeaux into a decanter at a waiter’s station. Simultaneously, a young couple ordered the restaurant’s cheapest red wine, a $18 Pinot Noir, which they wanted pouring into a decanter. These two very different wines were now in identical decanters.

They continued:

Mistaking the $18 decanted wine for the $2000 Rothschild, the first manager formally poured the cheap wine to the businessmen.According to the manager, the host considered himself a wine connoisseur, and showing off to his guests, tasted the cheap wine before bursting into raptures about its ‘purity’. The young couple who ordered the $18 Pinot Noir were inadvertently served the $2000 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. On taking their first sips of what they believed was cheap wine, they jokingly pretended to be drinking an expensive wine and parodied all the mannerisms of a wine snob. Taking the latter route would certainly be the easiest. Also the cheapest. It was unthinkable at this point to pull the real Bordeaux from the young couple’s table. Besides, they were having too much fun acting out drinking a $2000 bottle of wine. I decided to veer from my normal behaviour, and tell both parties the truth.

They went on:

The Wall St. businessman responded by saying, ‘I THOUGHT that wasn’t a Mouton Rothschild!’ The others at the table nodded their heads in servile agreement. The young couple were ecstatic by the restaurant’s mistake, and told me it was like the bank making an error in their favour. The trouble was, it was me who was down $2000, not the bank.

The Mouton Rothschild 1989 is considered as one of the world’s greatest wines.

This wine is grown on a 205-acre vineyard in the southwestern French village of Pauillac.

It is still not clear how long ago the mix-up had happened.

As a result of this mix-up, the 2 wines got switched and the managers ended up delivering them to the wrong tables.

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