Amazing Video: Ellyse Perry Master Class Fast Bowling

Ellyse Perry, a 21 year old fast bowling sensation from Australia was outstanding with her bowling techniques. She has been playing for the Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars Australian women’s cricket team since she was 16. Perry filmed a master class video on fast bowling. Cricket Australia uploaded on their Youtube channel.

Ellyse Perry takes you through how to bowl quickly. In this video, Perry talks about the basics of fast bowling. The video features Perry discussing aspects of different techniques in bowling such as grip, run-up etc.

Ellyse Perry is considered to be one of the greatest female athletes to have represented Australia, with Cricket Australia declaring her to be the ‘greatest female cricketer to have represented the Island nation in the ‘Gentleman’s Game’.

Perry not only a cricket player, she is one of the few athletes to play two or more sports simultaneously as being a member of the Australian Women’s Football team and cricket team a well. Her performance in the two sports resulted her being in the dilemma of having to choose one of them, though she has occasionally given preference to cricket.

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