I Have Stalked Sara Tendulkar Many Times, I Will Not Leave Her Says Arrested Stalker

Dearly called “God of Cricket”, Sachin Tendulkar, the man himself is an emotion in India, an epitome of the sportsmanship and a reflection of game spirits. Now, for a man of such an immense stature, it is very clear that anything regarding him can hit the mainstream media headlines easily, that might be on social media or journalistic aspects.


On a whole, Sachin has to deal with many loopholes of stardom in order to sustain a happy and normal life. But being a celebrity in a country like India has its disadvantages also as the cameras follow their families as well. This century-centuries man is now news for some other reason, and this time, it is about his daughter.

Sara Tendulkar, daughter of legendary former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, has been facing serious problems in the recent times. The 20-year old had been receiving threat calls and proposals from a stalker.

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A 32-year-old man from Mahishadal in East Midnapore district in West Bengal has been arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing Sara Tendulkar. The stalker, identified as Debkumar Maity, had reportedly made 20 calls to Tendulkar’s residence and passed lewd comments about Sara and even threatened to kidnap her.

However, the person seems to be mentally unstable and will undergo a medical test now. Debkumar Maity is said to have made as many as 20 calls to Sachin Tendulkar’s Bandra residence and has threatened to kidnap her even proposing Sara for marriage.

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Though it is still unclear how the person managed to get hold of a landline number of Sachin’s home. Stalker’s family claimed that he is mentally unstable and will undergo a medical examination now.

“I saw her on tv sitting at the pavilion during a match and fell in love. I want to marry her. I fetched the landline number of Tendulkar and have called on it some 20 times. Have never seen her in person,” Debkumar Maity told police.

Man stalking Sara Tendulkar

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One of the members of the Mumbai Police, Bhimsen Gaikowar, remarked that Maity had made lewd comments to Sara Tendulkar and had even threatened to kidnap her if she rejected his proposals. “He also made several lewd comments during his phone calls and even went to the extent of threatening to kidnap her if she rejected his proposal of marriage,” Bhimsen quoted.

“Aap usko phone dena nahi chahte, (you don’t want to give her the phone). Woh sirf meri hai, main uske saath shaadi karunga, woh aur kisi ki nahi ho sakti (she is only mine; I will marry her, she cannot belong to anyone else),” the stalker said.

“Maine (the daughter) uska bohot baar pichhaa kiya hai, main usko nahi chhod ne wala (I have stalked her many times, I will not leave her),” the accused remarked further.

The accused used to work as a painter, but, for the last few years, was suffering from depression and had behavioral issues. It is yet to be ascertained how he got hold of the number to make calls at the Tendulkar residence.

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