Atletico Madrid Striker Diego Costa Handed 8 Game Ban For Insulting The Mother Of The Referee During 2-0 Loss To Barcelona On April 6

Diego Costa, a striker from Atletico Madrid has been handed an 8 game ban after he was found guilty of insulting Referee Jesus Gil Manzano’s mother during their match against Barcelona in which they lost 2-0.

The striker rejoined Atletico Madrid last year from Chelsea, 4 years after leaving the side of Diego Simeone, he insulted the mother of Jesus Gil Manzano in a match against Barcelona on April 6.

The post-match report of Jesus said, “In the 28th minute, number 19 … Diego Costa was sent off for the following reason: saying to me loudly, in the following terms: ‘I s**t on your w**** mother, I s**t on your w**** mother!”

The suspension was handed on Thursday by the Spanish Football Federation.

The suspension will take out Diego Costa from the remaining games of Atletico Madrid, the 30-year-old striker will also miss 1 game next season.

Atletico Madrid is currently sitting at the second spot of the La Liga Table and is 11 points behind Barcelona.

The 4 match ban was handed out because of the comments that were made by the striker, and the other 4 were given to him for grabbing the arm of the referee.

This is the 30th time that Diego Costa has been suspended since 2006, which includes all red cards, the accumulation of yellow cards, and his comments made after getting a card.

But this is the striker’s first ban of the season.

A long suspension is not really normal in La Liga, one of the longest bans in the history of the league was given to Pepe, when he was playing for Real Madrid, in 2009 the Portuguese defender was handed out a 10 game ban after he stamped on Javier Casquero and fought with Juan Angel Albin.

Diego Costa will also pay $6,769, the striker has the right to appeal for the sanctions that have been handed to him.


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