Do You Know The Distance Travelled By The Longest Six In Cricket History?

Do you know the distance of longest six ever travelled in Cricket?

Many of us say it around 100-120 meters. But you will be shocked if you get to know the distance of longest six measured. It is not Chris Gayle or AB de Villiers who hit it.

Longest six in cricket history

The distance of longest six ever travelled is 556 miles. Yes, you read it correctly. I think you have now opened your mouth. But it’s true.

But it was Jimmy Sinclair. He was not using any illegal bat or anything else. This is undoubtedly the most bizarre fact related to cricket. Once imagine if you are a bowler and the batsmen hit the ball to six and it travelled for 556 miles. Sounds awkward, right?

How did Jimmy hit a 6 that went 556 miles?

Jimmy Sinclair hits longest six

Technically Jimmy Sinclair never hit the six 556 miles but it went that distance. Sinclair was batting at the Old Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg located near the train tracks. The ball that he hit six landed on the carriage of a loaded train. The train was headed for Port Elizabeth and so the ball that Sinclair hit landed up in Port Elizabeth.

This is approximately 556 miles away from the spot where Jimmy hit the shot. Later the ball was recovered and sent back to Johannesburg. It was put on display in the Wanderers Cricket Club. But the story didn’t end happily. The ball in the cricket club along with many other great cricket artifacts was consumed by a fire accident.

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