[WATCH VIDEO]: English Batsman Does The Impossible, Bags 7 Runs In 1 Ball

England’s much awaited NatWest series is in high swing, an interesting incident took place during the match between ardent favorites’ Somerset and Kent Spitfires.

Any batsman can manage a maximum of 6 runs in one ball, but Somerset’s Steve Davis altered the facts, his score triggered to 21 from 14 in a single ball, which means that he garnered 7 runs in one ball.

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Post this historical feat, Steve Davies played a fine inning bagging a whole 62 runs off just 32 balls, played a keen role in bringing the Somerset’s score to staggering 197 runs at the loss of 6 wickets.

This 7 runs deed is purely a misspell of the wicket-keeper. After Davies delivered the ball, he along with his partner bagged 3 runs quickly, now, the overthrow attempted by the Kent wicket-keeper to clinch a run-out resulted in this, as the ball traveled all the way to the boundary, seven runs are added to Somerset.

Watch the video here:


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