Former NBA Star Lamar Odom Admits That He Used A Prosthetic Penis Filled With The Urine Of His Trainer Just To Pass The Olympics Drug Test

Lamar Odom, a former NBA Star admitted that he used a prosthetic penis that was filled with his trainer’s piss that he used to pass a drug test for the Olympics.

Lamar added that he knew he was going to fail the drug test because of smoking cannabis.

The 39-year-old wrote this in a memoir called “Darkness to Light”, in the new memoir he opens about the incident.

In an excerpt that was published in People, Lamar explained that he was called by the US Basketball Olympics Team for the 2004 Olympics, but during that summer, he was “smoking weed every day”.

And this is when he did some research and stumbled upon fake penises.

He added, “We started Googling ‘fake penises, and studied different ways to beat a drug test. After an exhaustive search, we ordered a giant, rubber, black cock to arrive the next day.”

Lamar had everything sorted out and the only thing he needed was some urine, so he decided to use his trainers piss for the drug test.

He added that his trainer was drug-free.

Lamar got the trainer to “urinate into the reservoir of the phallus, which was hidden in the balls.”

When he went in for the drug test, Lamar went inside the bathroom tall with a security official from the NBA standing 2 feet away.

The former NBA star explained how he managed to do the impossible, he said, “I unzipped my pants and carefully slid the fake penis through the zipper hole. To get the pee to come out of the tip, I had to squeeze the shaft repeatedly.”

Lamar passed the test and played for the US team and won a bronze medal. He, later on, won a gold medal in the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

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