Despite AB De Villiers Stole the ODI Series from India, Here are Few Reasons why we Still Love Him

AB De Villiers, the name needs no introduction for the Indian cricket fans. Whenever South Africa comes to India, the Indian fans come out to support of the Proteas too along with Indian team. Indian cricket fans love ABD, Faf du Plessis, Duminy, Steyn and Morkel playing their own way of cricket which entertains all the viewers. ABD’s way of playing such wonderful cricket will cheer each and everyone in the stadium.

De Villiers is one of the favorite players for Indian fans in the South African team. De Villiers outstanding batting, diving all over the park and grabbing breath-taking catches will always give a boost to the Indian fans. Sachin Tendulkar is a demigod in India. Cricket fans in India treat little master as the God of Cricket. Even ABD gets the same taste of feeling while he plays in India.

Whenever a sportsperson gives his 100% and is good at his/her sport, no doubt their fans love and cheer for them throughout their life. It doesn’t matter the player belongs to home team or the opponent side. There’s a reason why AB de Villiers is named as the 360-degree batsman. It is not just because he can hit the ball all around the park, it is because he is adored and given respect by the fans.

Here’s why Indian fans always love ABD:

1. AB De Villiers Says I never play for records, I play for my Country

ABD response when asked about records

2. AB De Villiers is One of the best batsmen in the World

Ab de Villiers playing his own way of cricket

3. AB De Villiers is known as Junior Jonty Rodes

Ab de Villiers one of the best fielders in the world

4. AB De Villiers, One of the best Wicketkeepers in cricket history

Ab de Villiers wicket keeper

5. AB De Villiers rather than a player, he is a best Human being

ABD a best human

6. AB De Villiers is one of the Most Talented batsmen in IPL

ABD is one of the Most lovable players in IPL

7. AB De Villiers spending time with his fans in the stadium

ABD shaking hands with the fans

8. Wherever you go, AB De Villiers fan network follows

ABD having huge fan following in India

9. Chris Gayle Bows down to ABD’s storm innings

Chris Gayle, bow down to ABD in respect

10. AB De Villiers scores the fastest ODI century in history

ABD scores the fastest ODI century in history

11. AB De Villiers is named as ‘Super Man’

AB de Villiers Super man

12. ABD is not only the best cricketer, All rounder in Football, Hockey, Rugby and Swimming

ABD all rounder in Rugby, football and hockey

13. ABD hardly loses his temper on the field

ABD hardly loses his temper on the field

14. ABD will always be in front to cheer the fans

ABD always ready to cheer the fans

15. Kohli says ABD is always extraordinarily fit sportsman

ABD is always extra-ordinarily fit sportsman

16. ABD went emotional when South Africa lost Semi Final in 2015 world cup

ABD gone emotional when South Africa lost Semi Final in 2015 world cup

17. AB De Villiers is People’s Champion

ab-de-villiers peoples champion

18. ABD with ODI cup in Wankhede after series against India

ABD with ODI cup in front of the Indian crowd at the Wankhede

The main reason for this love and affection on the overseas players is IPL. This tournament has brought all the players together and get to know more about the ‘super-human’ ABD. His extraordinary abilities with the bat and stunning fielding efforts made Indian fans love him.

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