Roger Federer Cleaned Court & Disposed Of Towels, Bottles Left Behind By Other Players After Practice Session

Roger Federer, 17 time Grand Slam winner and his team cleaned the court Court & disposed of towels, bottles left behind by other players after a practice session at the ongoing US Open 2015. This incident took place on September 3 post Federer’s second round match.

Federer, who has reached the semis where he will face friend Stan Wawrinka, got rid of the extra towels & bottles left behind by other players on the court. Other players ignored the mess and left it to be cleaned up by the staff, the World No. 2 Tennis player actually picked up the bottles and disposed of them in the bins provided.

Pictures of Roger Federer cleaning the court posted on Twitter:

These photographs posted on Twitter by a tennis fan and he said, “Before leaving the practice court, Roger and his team cleaned up bottles and towels left behind by other players”. The same user also tweeted that the court was used by World No. 1 Novak Djokovic before Federer.

These pictures of Roger Federer cleaning the courts at US Open 2015 circulating online will reflect the greatness of a man.

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