Sara Tendulkar’s Stalker Credits ‘Lightning’ For His Love, Left Everyone Bewildered With His Claims

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, known as the ‘God of Cricket’. The man himself is an emotion in India, an epitome of the sportsmanship and a reflection of game spirits. Now, for a man of such an immense stature, it is very clear that anything regarding him can hit the mainstream media headlines easily, that might be on social media or journalistic aspects.

sachin tendulkar about fake twitter accounts of sara and arjun tendulkar

It is not easy to be a celebrity especially in India, there are a lot of things that are to be dealt with. In the same way, Sachin also has to deal with many loopholes of stardom in order to sustain a happy and normal life. But being a celebrity in a country like India has its disadvantages also as the cameras follow their families as well.

This century-centuries man is now in the news for some other reason, and it is about his daughter. We generally see fans proposing to the cricketers during the matches, holding placards. Fans go to any extent to please their favorite ones. But, in the case of Sachin Tendulkar, it is completely different.

sara-tendulkar with friend

Sachin earned the love of his fans for 24 years and his fans still worship him. But it is his daughter Sara Tendulkar has been facing troubles in the recent times. Recently, a stalker made 20 phone calls to Tendulkar’s home and passed lewd comments about Sara, threatened to kidnap her last month.

Thus, Sara registered a complaint against the man identified as Debkumar Maity. However, the police stepped in and arrested the man. After his arrest, his family claimed that he was mentally unstable. Debkumar has again made it to the news with his controversial statements.

Man stalking Sara Tendulkar

He left everyone bewildered when he said that lightning struck him and asked him to marry Sara. But he has never seen Sara in person.

Without any trace of tremble in his voice, he said in Hindi, “I want to marry Sara. I fell in love with Sara watching her on TV. I looked up at the sky and asked, ‘Is Sara Tendulkar my wife?’ and lighting struck to confirm it. I even said this on the phone when I called Tendulkar’s home.”

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Debkumar managed the number from one of his nephews, who surfed the net to get it done. He also confirmed that he called the number 20-25 times. He later showed a tattoo on his wrist which reads ‘Deb and Sara’ surprising everyone.

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