While Watson Was Busy Hitting Century, People Were Watching This Beautiful Girl At The IPL Final

As of now, the IPL fever is at its peak and Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led CSK is topping the points table in the 11th season of the Indian Premier League. From the inception of the cricketing extravaganza, partners of various players, like Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni, have often been clicked by the shutterbugs. But there’s one mystery woman, who has also captured the attention of cameramen.

Inbetween the absolute innings played by Watson for clinching the finals for Chennai Super Kings, this girl seen on the stands wearing SRH jersey and cheering for the same is trending on the Internet. She left the viewers and cameraman excited for a while in such a way that the cameramen went focusing the cameras on her for some considerably long time.

Shane Watson has shown that he is capable of winning the team while trying his luck in poorly-bad situations. He made the bowlers move his batting, which he would never remember again. Well now, the thing is that of the face beyond which Shane Watson’s batting has faded.

Yes, in yesterday’s match, there was a beautiful face in the stadium, all the cameras were zooming repeatedly. Well, if you still wonder about her identity, the mystery girl is Poonam Kaur.

Check out her pics:

The person we are going to talk about is not a person but a famous actress of South Poonam Kaur. Poonam Kaur is so beautiful that even the camera viewer forgot the match for a while and was looking at them. Let me tell you, Poonam Kaur has often been seen in the stadium to enjoy the IPL match.

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