Woman Saw Spirits And Her Body From Above When She Flatlined For 37 Seconds While Giving Birth

A woman from the United States of America saw life after death and is sharing her experience with everyone.

Stephanie Arnold, who is from Chicago, USA, said she saw spirits and her body from above when she flatlined for 37 seconds while she was giving birth.

She had to give birth when she was 20 weeks into her second pregnancy in the year 2013.

In Surviving Death, a Netflix Documentary, she and her husband Jonathan talked about the situation.

They also talked about how they got to know that she had a condition called Placenta Previa, which causes hemorrhage.

In the documentary, they said:

It was so difficult trying to communicate about feelings and this foreboding when I didn’t have something tangible to show. I told Jonathan ‘I do not know what to tell you, other than the fact that I’ve got this intense feeling around this that something bad is about to happen’. I mean if you saw me in Starbucks and you said, ‘Oh, how’s the pregnancy going?’ I would literally say, ‘I’m going to die.’

Ater giving birth to Jacob, her son, the heart of the woman stopped beating.

According to the doctors, she was legally dead for 37 seconds.

Talking about the moment, she said:

They wheel me into the room that’s going to give life to Jacob and take mine. They put a curtain right in front of my face and prepare me for a C-section. They deliver Jacob, he’s healthy, happy. Seconds later, I flatlined. Everything came into a 3D movie and I could actually see outside of my body. My point of view was above my body and next to my body, and I could see everything that was going on in the operating room.

She said that she saw a lot of people in the room.

The woman said that her anesthesiologist was by her feet and she also saw a nurse jump on her chest to give her CPR.

She then said that there were no walls when she was up there.

Everything was just moving around in so many directions, said Stephanie.

She also saw her daughter on the other side of the hospital and she was with her grandmother.

She added:

And then, I see spirits everywhere – my grandmother, who had passed when I was 10 years old. My mother’s brother also appeared. The last thing I heard was Julie, Dr Levitt, saying ‘This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening’.

She also felt a pulling in the stomach before she jolted back inside her body.

After surviving, she was placed in a medically induced coma for 6 straight days.

She suffered kidney failure during the birth.

The woman said she had to learn on how to talk, walk, and everything else after the incident.

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