Telecom Operators Are Charging You Rs. 10,000/GB. Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The telecom sector in India is currently undergoing a revolutionary change. With the launch of Jio as more and more people are using internet services and looking for cheapest offering networks in the competitive era. This is a never ending battle because other operators are trying their best to stay ahead in the race.

Earlier, other operators were just concerned about profits, but with the arrival of Jio, they have started thinking from the customer’s point of view. All these tariff plans are all great, but have you ever thought how much most of the telecom operators charge you for your data once you run out of data limit?

Rs. 10,000 For 1 GB:

If you are a prepaid customer, you will be shocked to know that these companies are cheating you and are actually charging a whopping price for “1 GB” data, after the expiry of your data pack. Well, some telecom operators are charging you Rs 10,000 for 1 GB of data; yes, you heard that right! Here is the detailed explanation for the same.

If you are thinking that you are getting the data at the cheapest rate, you are wrong! No doubt, operators are offering attractive packs these days but what about the charges after the expiry of data pack.

Some operators charges after the exhaustion of data packs are 10p/10kB. When you calculate the price of 1 GB as per 10p/10kB rate, it comes to Rs 10,000! It falls under the category of “PayAsYouGo” i.e. paying only for the data used. Once you come to know this dark secret, you will never ever opt for it. If you go for 10p/10kB plan, it costs Rs 10 for 1 MB and Rs 10,000 for 1 GB; the calculation is very simple.

The operators smartly send an SMS after deducting the amount from the main balance for extra data used as per PayAsYouGo policy. Instead the operator can send a warning message or pop-up after reaching the maximum limit of data usage. As soon as the customer’s data limit is exhausted, his data services should be discontinued and he should be informed about these extra charges.

Have a look at the table and know the rates of all telecom operators.

Ideally, these operators should display a popup after consuming the data pack, saying “You have exhausted your free data pack limit. Clicking Yes will deduct the balance from your prepaid account. Do you want to continue? ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”

There are some broadband operators like BSNL already showing up this message when data limit is exhausted.

To keep the company running, the operators need tactics like “PayAsYouGo” plans.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation:

These are certain things which you can do to safeguard yourself and prevent yourself from ending with zero balance.

However, this problem will only come to an end if the operator stops charging a ton of money for the data offered.

  • Always set up the Data Limits on your Android Phone along with a warning at 80%
  • Keep a track of the data through the Networks official apps.
  • Disable the internet when you are close to 95% of the usage & recharge if you are in need
  • Always keep minimal balance on your Prepaid Number before they charge you.

If you have been charged like this ever before, then be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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