Indian Mobile Devices has Some Critical Security Flaw

While security is said to be a top priority by any manufacturer. However, not many tests exactly how much secure is their devices. A simple test has proven that Indian mobile devices have some critical security flaw.



Who did this test?

Saket Modi took a Gionee M5. All it made for him was less than a minute. Also, all he did was a few strokes, neither he connects the device with any pc. Neither he connected anything to the device.

Talking and information, he didn’t have the number. Nor any information regarding the device. However, just in a few minutes, he had all the data on his computer screen. He had access to the mobile’s data. Including call logs, text message, contact, Gps data.

How did he do it?

All he did was to install software. Which is coded in a way that it could run in the background? Moreover, the user would not be able to detect anything. He showed the software is so easily installed in the device. The software could be installed, just by sending a text or email which would be displayed as a promotional text or email. So just a few minutes after the user click the link, the software would be installed.



What can the hacker do after installation of the software?

Just after the software is installed, the hacker could efficiently use your microphone or camera to record you. Moreover, since your device has GPS as well, it could very well track your location and send it to the hacker. Overall it compromises all security aspects.

In India, where every 9 out of 10 devices. Runs on Android. Which many companies take as a foundation and build their different os. However, Android does release a security patch update every month. Though, what scares most of us is nothing is clear. Who is responsible for the security of devices. Is it Google or the manufacturer who used Google’s Android.



So far everything is nothing but a nightmare when it comes to security. Now the question remains who is responsible. Whether your device is secure, or not. Safety is important, and the manufacturer should give an answer to this.

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