Microsoft Announces They Will No Longer Support Internet Explorer After 2021

Most of us made fun of the Internet Explorer because very few use it, however, the sad day has come.

Microsoft, the company that owns and developed the Internet Explorer, has announced that they will no longer be using the application in the future.

The product team of Microsoft announced that they will no longer support the latest version of the Internet Explorer from November 30, 2020.

By August 17, 2021, none of the Microsoft 365 applications and services will work on the browser.

Websites that were designed for Internet Explorer will also see a noticeable change in their experience.

This is really an end of an era, considering the fact that this generation grew up with Internet Explorer on their computers.

In a blog post that was made by Microsoft, they said:

For degraded experiences, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or certain features may cease to work when accessing the app or service via IE 11. Users can standardize on one browser and seamlessly experience the best of the modern web in one tab while accessing a business-critical legacy IE 11 app in another tab – all housed within the new Edge.

Users are now being encouraged to use their new Microsoft Edge browser.

The company also said that all applications that are made for the Internet Explorer will work properly on their new Edge browser.

The company also said that they will be ending the support for Microsoft edge after March 9, 2021.

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