Couple Name Daughter After Internet Provider So They Could Get Free Wi-Fi For 18 Years

A couple from Switzerland ended up naming their daughter after an internet service provider so they could get free Wi-Fi for 18 years.

This happened after the company sent out promotions that they will be giving free internet to anyone that names their kids after their company.

Twifi promised to give free internet for 18 years to any family that would name their child Twifia or Twifius.

That’s horrendous.

The couple, who are 30 and 35, thought that it was a joke, but they ended up getting serious about it.

The dad started to think that it could be a unique name.

During an interview with the press, the father, who kept his identity as private, said:

The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me. There are much worse names. And the more often we say ‘Twifia,’ the heartier the name sounds!

The savings from not paying for internet each month will also go into an account for their daughter.

She can avail of all the money once she turns 18.

The father of Twifia did admit that they were a bit ashamed to name their child after an internet service provider after many couples said that they sold their child’s name.

But the father also noted that Twifia is the middle name of the girl.

Well, she has 2 names and she gets free internet until she turns 18, what else could she want?

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