Moto E5, Launched, Here is Everything You Need to Know About

Motorola has always been a top producer of mobile devices. Especially in the budget range. Well, you can not maintain the reputation unless you keep releasing new devices. Also, so Motorola has launched his next addition to the E series. Moto E5.



At first, the mobile had started as US exclusive. However, now it’s being launched in European and Latin American countries. However, the difference between the US version and Europe and Latin American is. This one would be running on Android Oreo 8.1(Go edition) instead of full Android.

Price of  Moto E5

The new device is set to be launched at a different price than the U.S. In Europe and Latin America, and the device would be launched at a rate of EUR 109, which roughly translate to Rs. 8,700. However, the Indian release has not been confirmed by Motorola yet.




Motorola’s Moto E5 would sport an 18:9 ratio, 5.3- inch display. Would have a fingerprint sensor on the back. It would have an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel at the rear. While both the sensors are going to have a dedicated flash for itself. Also, talking about Ram and Processor, Motorola has not specified what exactly would power the device. Speculations are since E5 play is running on 2 Gb, the Android go variant. Could be running on 1Gb of Ram.

If all the rest specifications are the same. The mobile could have 2800mAh battery, water-repellent coating, Snapdragon 425/ 427 SoC. If everything else is same as US version of course. Talking about the inbuilt storage, it could have a storage capacity of 16 GB, which would be expandable from a micro SD card.

What are the specifications for release in India?

Though the device has no announcement regarding its release in Indian. Speculations are it would get released here soon after it releases in Europe and Latin America. The price could be around the same amount in those countries. If it doesn’t have the same amount.



However, the competition in India for the mobile is high, what people should wait and see is. If the company makes any changes in specifications for India.

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