Pakistan To Keep PUBG Mobile Banned Across The Country Because It Makes People Less Productive

Islamabad, Pakistan: PTA, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, said that they will be keeping the ban on PUBG Mobile because the game makes the people less productive.

Last week, the IHC (Islamabad High Court) said that PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) will be allowed.

However, the PTA said that the PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) will be kept blocked in the country.

A statement was released by PTA on Monday this week, where they explained why they had blocked the game.

In the statement, they said they did it in accordance with the provisions of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act (Peca) 2016.

They added:

The PTA provided an opportunity of hearing to concerned parties including PUBG’s lawyers. PTA has also approached PUBG management to inform about a suitable framework to address key concerns.

The PTA said that it had come across a number of papers, studies, and reports about how internet games, particularly PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) affect the mental and physical health of the players.

Asides of the addictiveness nature and the violence that the game represents, PTA said that the game makes people less productive.

The statement said that the academic performance of students was also affected.

The PTA said that children who are addicted to gaming and playing PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) are more likely to be irritated at the smallest of things or if parents interfere in something.

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