You Can Buy A Nintendo Wii In Japan For Just $0.50 And PlayStation For $1.90

The Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii are some of the best and most known consoles that our world has ever seen. According to official numbers, around 250 million units of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii were sold around the world, making them one of the most successful consoles of our century.

Another thing that makes Nintendo consoles really great is the fact that they are working and still hot during this century.

With all the new tech being available right now, people are ditching their old tech at prices that are very soothing to the eyes of a retro-tech gamer.

In Japan, these things are very common.

It is said that you can buy the best and most retro-tech in Japan at the best prices.

To prove that, we bring you a tweet that shows how cheap it is.

A Japanese shopper captured images inside a trade-in store which shows Nintendo DS consoles selling for 100 yen, which is around $.50 USD.

A PS2 is being sold for 200 yen, which is around $2 USD.

If that is not enough, let’s talk about a second-hand Nintendo Wii, which will only cost you 50 Yen, which is equivalent to $.46.

Old consoles are being sold for much less than their original price, especially in countries like Japan, where technology plays a huge role in the day to day lives of their citizens.

But in other countries, retro-tech can go anywhere from $50 USD to over $100 USD or even more depending on the condition the tech is in.

If you were in Japan right now, how many Nintendo or PlayStations will you purchase? Let us know how many by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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