Japan Might Pay You To Visit Their Country So They Could Boost Tourism In Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic

A new tourism plan that is being proposed by the government of Japan hopes to encourage travel to the country by subsidizing the costs of the travel.

This comes amidst the global coronavirus crisis.

The “Go To Travel Campaign” of Japan will reportedly cost them over $13 billion USD.

It will help them give travel vouchers and coupons for souvenirs and facility use.

Initially, it was reported that the plan would pay for half of the visitors’ travel expenses, but on May 27, 2020, the Tourism Agency of Japan dispelled the rumors.

In a series of tweets that were made in Japanese and English, the agency said that the campaign, which is currently being a consideration, would only cover a portion of domestic travel expenses.

Still, that could see tourists handed travel voucher for around $200 USD per stay.

The head of Japan’s Tourism Agency, Hiroshi Tabata, is reported to have said last week that if the virus was brought under control, they will be launching the “Go To Travel Campaign” in July at the earliest.

The announcement comes after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe lifted the state of emergency across all areas of Japan on May 25, 2020.

Around 2,900 foreign travelers visited Japan in April this year, which is 99.9 percent down from a year earlier, showed a data last week.

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