A Mumbai Man’s Disgusting Attack On Dogs, ‘He Must Be Punished Severely’ Under Animal Abusing Case

Pet animals like dogs, cats and other should be treated as one in us. But this guy was terrible in treating a street dog. Whether it is a street dog or a pet dog is one of the best friends for a human being. It has faith in human beings and does what we say. Dogs show a lot of love and affection on Human beings.

This video makes you think about where the humanity is going? A man from Mumbai was captured in a video lifting stray dogs over his head and leaving them down to the ground with a brutal force. And the man was identified as Shahad near Kalyan in Mumbai. Thus the dogs were being hurt in such a way and treated like an object not a living being.


As the dogs try to shake it off and recover, the man does the same again. This was done with smile and grin on his face. Abusing animals is a crime and leads to imprisonment. The video was shared by Zakira Khatri and she said this guy should be punished under animal abusing case. This video shows you who the real animal is.

She also stated that “There’s a full video about this asshole torturing a dog, but I don’t have the heart to put it on my wall. But can all of you share this screenshot so that this bastard is caught and charged for animal abuse. He looks like an auto rickshaw driver by his shirt. Spread it along. I will personally kick him where it hurts the most, when he is found.”

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