Projects Worth Rs 10 Lakh Crore Cleared By Environment Ministry Prakash Javadekar

The Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said over 2000 projects investing Rs 10 Lakh crore are stuck for many years in some key sectors, which has given environment clearance in last two years

In line with government policy of ease of doing business, the average waiting period for business approval has brought down to 190 days from 600 days during UPA regime. The aim now is to slash for 100 days further.

Projects Worth Rs 10 Lakh Crore Cleared By Environment Ministry Prakash Javadekar (1)

There are some other projects cleared by Environment Ministry in last two years in important sectors such as roads, railway network, pipeline, irrigation canal and remained stuck for approval for many years. On May 26th Modi government finished two years of administration in office.

“We have cleared over 2,000 projects. This has unlocked Rs 10 lakh crore investment and it has the potential of creating direct employment of millions of jobs. This is not a small thing. The projects were unnecessarily languishing. Now there is no pendency,” Javadekar said.

To make the process of granting environmental clearance listing the initiatives he said they recorded the approvals strictly following policy decision and the principle of standardization and also the decentralization.

“Earlier average waiting period for project approval was 600 days. Now it has come down to 190 days without compromising on any environmental condition and actually making the environmental condition more stringent. This is a way revolution,” he said

The centre has not discriminated against any state at the time of clearing the projects and all state governments were happy because they are partners in decision-making process said the minister.

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