The New Nescafe Advertisement Teaches ‘How Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success’

The leading coffee brand ‘Nescafe’ has come up with a beautiful advertisement after starring Deepika Padukone in the earlier advertisement. This new ad was designed with a good moral and a good message for all of us, especially those who fail in doing something new in their first attempt. The ad is about cartoonist and how did he overcome his difficulties after many difficulties.

The ad shows a cartoonist who was removed from the job from a Newspaper. The reason for lay off was ‘cartoons aren’t really in demand anymore’. Then he walks off and thinks how to show the real demand of cartoons in future. The cartoonist was firstly disappointed and thus revisits his good old days and recounts memories of how cartoons are made. Those days, cartoons had big demand and thus cartoonists came into picture.

The main theme of cartoons is that they go into the others lives with humor and love. He thought if he was laid off, does that mean his cartoons die too? Nescafe has given a wonderful answer for all of us. He just thinks about however we are tied up or perhaps down in the dumps – it does not mean that life has ended. There is a phrase ‘Failure is the stepping stone for Success’. We have to think beyond the failure and make an attempt next time.

Thus he thinks how to use the cartoons in a different way. He got an idea of using cartoons and people would attract on them. He then creates the cartoons as wallpapers, images and photos which children would be attracted a lot. He prints the cartoons on the papers which people make rockets with those papers and play. He uses cartoons as designs on the umbrellas, shoes, handkerchiefs and on balls.

Thus, he gets succeeded in making cartoons in demand. Thus the advertisement ends with a beautiful message ‘It all starts with Nescafe’. Take the step forward with confidence and you can achieve whatever you want.

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