[VIDEO] They Fight Like Every Other Married Couple, But The Message In The End Is Hard Hitting

Sometimes, we say things in our moments of rage that might have a lasting effect on the opposite person. This moving video by Kshiteej Dua shows what you should do after a fight. Leave the person alone for some time to cool off.

In this short public service film, a housewife is waiting for her husband to come home. But the husband reaches late home, asks an excuse with a reason for his late. A fight ensues and the husband ends up slamming the door and leaving. He was not there for three hours and she realized how much his presence mattered. The message at the end may sound weird but definitely it’s a thoughtful one.

Here, Watch Video Till The End:

Just when you thought that the video will end pretty much like every average household fight of a married couple, with the couple apologizing and making up to each other, the message will hit you from out of nowhere, and it will hit you hard. He chose to not answer his phone, while driving!

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