2 students dead and 52 ill after drinking contaminated water at School in Uttar Pradesh  

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh: 2 kids confirmed dead and 52 sick after they drank contaminated water that came from a hand pump at a local school in Salgawan Village.

Officials said that the incident happened on July 16, 2019, and since then, 2 kids have died and 52 are in a hospital.

Investigations revealed that the kids complained of nausea after they drank the contaminated water.

The news was confirmed by ML Agarwal, the Chief Medical Officer of Aligarh.

54 kids from the school were rushed to the health center of the Salgawan Village.

An investigation has been launched for the incident, said Officer Agarwal.

A team of medical experts, which includes doctors, health department officers, and medical staff have been assigned to stay in the village.

The team will stay in the Salgawan village until the matter is controlled.

The medical team will also investigate if the water from the hand pump is contaminated due to the heavy rains.

Officer Agarwal said that the kids are now out in danger, but are still being treated at the health center in the village.

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