25 South African Tourist Were Involved In The Bus Explosion Near Giza Pyramids, Egypt  

25 South African Tourists were involved in a bus explosion near the Giza Pyramids in Egypt while they were headed back home.

The DIRCO (Department of International Relations and Cooperation) released a statement on Sunday and said that 25 of the 28 South Africans will return to their country today.

The AFP said that 17 people attained injuries when an explosion rocked a tourist bus near the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

There were no reports of deaths, officials said that 3 South African tourists and Egyptians attained injuries from the explosion.

Vusi Mavimbela, the South Africa Ambassador in Egypt said that the 3 tourists from South Africa will remain in the hospital in Egypt.

Here is a photograph that was shared on social media platforms.

The picture shows one person bleeding and a bus that has shattered windows.

Officials said that the explosion happened near the Grand Egyptian Museum, the museum is currently under construction and is not accessible by tourists.

Ndivhuwo Mabaya, the spokesperson of DIRCO (Department of International Relations and Cooperation) said that the Consular Services of the department will be in touch with the families of the explosion victims.

Mr. Mabaya said, “The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Lindiwe Sisulu, wishes those admitted to hospital a speedy recovery and has also directed South Africa’s ambassador to Egypt to give them all the necessary support.”


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