6-Year-Old Boy Loses Leg After Mother Accidentally Ran Lawnmower Over His Foot

A 6-year-old boy lost his leg in a horrible accident after his mother accidentally ran him over with a lawnmower.

6-year-old Johan Douglas was playing outside when 41-year-old Bethany, the mother of the kid, accidentally reversed over him while driving a ride-on lawnmower.

She initially thought that she ran over a paving stone.

The little kid was rushed to a hospital, where doctors told his mother his foot could not be re-attached.

They had to perform a Syme’s amputation through his ankle.

Bethany and Gabe, the parents, feared that their sports-loving boy would be out of action for the rest of the year, however, he did something that was impossible.

The little man managed to walk without assistance 2 months after the major surgery.

Bethany said:

He has well exceeded what I was hoping for him. It was very emotional seeing him walk with his prosthetic. I cried the whole first day of him walking on it. He has been on the trampoline bouncing and having lightsaber fights with his brother since. I’ve not seen him running yet but I’m sure it will come soon. It’s inspiring to me as an adult. We can learn so much from this kid and his mentality.

Bethany reversed over the foot of Jonah as he approached the lawnmower from behind to grab hold of a cup of water that was balancing on it.

The mother of 5 kids, who is from Mount Vernon, Missouri, said that she felt a bump and initially believed that it was a paving stone.

She then heard the screams of Jonah.

The mother, who was a nurse, warned her children to stay away from the lawnmower, but Jonah thought that he was safe from behind.

Since the incident happened, the family sold the lawnmower in a garage sale.

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