Actress Slaps Audience Member That Criticized Her Son Who Has Down’s Syndrome

An actress from Russia was caught on cam slapping an audience member on live TV for criticizing her and her son, who has the down syndrome.

Evalina Bledans, the actress that we are talking about, was taking part in Live, a popular chat show in Russia, so she could discuss having a baby in her 50s.

The kid with the down’s syndrome is her third child.

The pregnancy was achieved with Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and is something that Evalina has dreamed of as she hopes for a daughter.

However, the positive chat quickly turned sour when an audience member chimed into fire shots at the actress for getting the IVF despite her old age.

That was not the breaking point, but when the audience member brought her child into the topic, she lost it.

Elena Lebedeva, an audience member, asked the actress:

It is dangerous to give birth between the ages of 35 and 40 so what about 49? What were you thinking? Do you want to give birth to another sick child? Will you give birth to another child with Down’s syndrome? Nobody needs such a child, not society and not you.

During the quarrel, Evalina tried to chime in but had no success into it.

One of the other guests tried to diffuse the tensions between the 2 by telling the audience member to leave the studio.

However, things just got worse.

The actress stood up, strolled over to the woman, and slapped her in front of everyone.

She shouted: “You wretch, I will smack you! This is for my child, understand? You can say anything about me, but leave my children alone!” as the ordeal happened.

Evalina walked back to the stage and the woman that got slapped tried to accept the incident that had happened.

No security member was there to stop the actress from slapping the audience member.

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