Adorable Video Shows Toddler Hugging Dog For Protection After Getting Scared Of Vacuum Cleaner

An adorable video that is viral on the internet right now shows an adorable toddler hugging their pet dog for protection after getting scared of a vacuum cleaner.

The video was shared on Twitter.

Welcome To Nature, the account that shared the video, shared the video with the caption of: “Baby scared of the vacuum, runs to the dog for protection.”

In the video, the toddler could be seen playing around in the house while her father used a vacuum cleaner to clear up the corridor.

Vacuum cleaners are very loud, and the child was not comfortable with the very noisy sounds that were being set out, so the kid did something very adorable.

The toddler reportedly ran across the corridor to pet her dog and hugged him.

The video is so cute to watch!

The video that we are talking about has over 1,000 favorites on Twitter.

If you are wondering, yes, the dog was afraid of the vacuum cleaner too. Dogs do not like loud sounds being emitted because of their loud hearing.

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