Australian Mother Gives Birth To “Mini Sumo Wrestler” Baby Girl Weighing 5.9 Kilograms

A couple in Australia welcomed their “mini sumo wrestler” baby girl, who weighs 5.9 kilograms.

Emma Millar and Daniel Millar, a couple out of Mount Warrigal, NSW (New South Wales), Australia, knew that their baby would be big, but they didn’t expect it to be this big.

Remi, the “mini sumo wrestler” baby girl, was delivered at the Wollongong Hospital on October 7, 2019, at 38 weeks and 2 days.

27-year-old Emma Millar had to go through an emergency c-section surgery to deliver the baby.

Talking about Remi, Emma said, “She’s like a mini sumo wrestler. I did expect to have a larger baby as I had gestational diabetes but not this big. At 35 weeks an ultrasound revealed she was about 4kg but we didn’t think she’d grow that much more.”

Daniel, the father of Remi, compared Willow, the elder sister of Remi.

Remi is slightly on the heavier side as their 2-year-old daughter Willow who weighed in a little over 12lbs.

Daniel said, “Willow was a big girl too, but she’s stick-thin now so it evens itself out’.

Daniel and Emma also have a 4-year-old son, whose name is Ace.

When Ace was born, he weighed over 8lbs.

Emma had an emergency caesarian operation with Ace, and decided to go with it as it is the safest option for her and the babies.

Talking about natural birth, Emma said, “I don’t think I could have handled a natural birth with her.”

Daniel says Remi makes an impression everywhere.

The father said there are always people around her when they bring her outside.

He said parents, visitors, and midwives are always around the boy when they walk the baby around.

Emma is currently recovering from the emergency c-section she went through.

The mother of 3 is currently allowed to pick her daughter Remi, but is not allowed to carry anything bigger or heavier than her baby.

Emma said, “She’s about the limit I’ve been told.”

After a number of days in the Wollongong Hospital, the couple went home with Remi on October 10, 2019.

The family is currently having a hard time in selecting her clothes, especially because all the clothes they bought for her didn’t fit her.

Emma said, “We only had one outfit that actually fitted her on Monday.”

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