Baby Drops Onto Pavement: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth While Walking Down The Street

A pregnant Chinese woman was caught on cam giving birth to a baby boy as she walked down the street.

A street surveillance camera captured the shocking moment the newborn baby dropped on the pavement as she and the man that was with her continued to walk.

The young mother felt something in her legs, and when she looked back, she found her baby lying on the floor.

The pair stood still while a few onlookers walk to her and offer help.

Residents in the area ran to help the woman and place her baby in clean towels.

The locals called the authorities for professional help after providing first aid to the woman and her baby.

According to local reports, the mother, who has been identified as Chen, was taken to a hospital in Taizhou, which is located in the Zhejiang province on May 4, 2020.

During an interview with the press, the woman said:

It’s a boy and his lips were black when I took a first look at him. I lifted his legs up later and patted him on the buttocks several times before crying out and his lips turned red. Then I know he’s fine.

It is believed that the delivery took her around 10 minutes.

A hospital checkup showed that Chen and her son are both healthy and safe.

According to local news agencies in China, the mother and her son have been discharged from the hospital and are currently in their house.

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