Bottle Cap Challenge: Steve-O Does Challenge With His Penis

The bottle cap challenge has been everywhere, from celebrities to athletes and even pro fighters, the challenge just keeps getting better.

The challenge basically requires you to kick off the cap of the bottle without hitting the person, and people have been doing the challenge in their own ways.

Kendall Jenner, a supermodel, did the challenge with a jetski, Zhao Wenzhuo decided to step up the challenge and removed three bottle caps.

A drifter was also seen doing the challenge in his car.

Even singer Mariah Carey decided to hop on the bandwagon and di the challenge with her voice.

But then came Steve-O, who decided to do the challenge with his penis. Yep, his penis.

The 45-year-old star decided to top every challenge out there and did the challenge with his penis.

He shared the video of the challenge on Social Media and said, “Nothing but dick! #JustTheTip.”

The challenge went so viral that even Trojan, a condom brand decided to comment on the video.

Trojan said, “Next time, protect yourself against “cap burn”.”

But the comments in the video are what you should be looking at.

A user said, “You win the #bottlecapchallenge well done sir.”

Michael Bisping, a UFC fighter, said, “best one yet”

Another user said: “You are really something else lmao.”

A fourth user said, “Was that even erect? If not, holy shit”

Well, Steve-O was just being Steve-O.

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