British Consul-General Jumps Into River To Save Drowning Chinese Woman

A diplomat from Britain is winning high praise on social media after they were caught on cam diving into a river to save a drowning woman in China.

The video of the entire incident is viral on social media right now.

Stephen Ellison, the British Consul-General in Chongqing, China, was taking a stroll by a river when he saw a 24-year-old woman falling into the water after slipping on racks.

Onlookers were in a panic after realizing that the woman was having a hard time staying afloat and ended up disappearing under a footbridge.

The diplomat did not waste any time and they sprang into action right away to save the woman.

In the video, which is over 2 minutes long, Ellison could be seen taking off his shoes and diving into the river.

Ellison, who is a very athletic person, gets hold of the woman.

A person threw a lifebuoy attached to a rope in the water towards Ellison, who takes part in triathlons.

The diplomat then carried the woman to safety and got out of the waters.

The student was unconscious when they were brought out.

Luckily, she started to breathe and regained consciousness after being rescued by the diplomat.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear suits and ties!

The video was shared on social media and people have been left amazed by the courageous act of the diplomat.

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