British Female Kick Boxer On Holiday With Boyfriend Beats Up Muggers Trying To Steal A Father’s £25,000 Watch In Majorca

Iman Barlow, better known as “Pretty Killer”, a female kickboxer beat up 2 Spanish robbers that tried to rob a father that was on a holiday with his kids in Majorca.

It is reported that the robbers were riding a scooter in Palma Nova on the Balearic SIland on Saturday before stealing the watch.

It is reported that the watch was worth around 25,000 pounds.

Iman Barlow, 2 time Thai Boxing world champion, and Stan Stannard, her boyfriend who is a professional boxer, saw the incident.

Iman and Stan saw one of the robbers using his helmet to attack the helpless father.

After the robbers went off, the 2 gave them a chase and Iman kicked one of the robbers in the Chest and Stan threw a left hook that knocked him out.

Iman explained the entire incident.

She said, “We had just checked out of our hotel when one of the group said there was a fight going on about 50 meters away from where we were. These two lads jumped off a scooter and while one held the man’s wrist the other took his watch off.”

She added, “One of them was hitting the victim and others around him with his helmet. They ran off and as one went past me I kicked him in the chest to slow him down. He carried on running and then a young girl shouted ‘he’s got my dad’s watch’.”

After hearing the girl, Stan ran after the robbers and hit him with a left-hand punch that knocked him straight.

Iman and Stan pinned the robber to the floor while they waited for a police officer to show up.

After 10 minutes of pinning down the robber, police officers came and the robber was handed over to them.

The family of the victim was thankful for the act of the 2.

The family handed the 2 a €50 (£46) reward

Iman said, “Afterwards you start thinking he could have had a knife or a gun but instinct just kicked in at the time. The victim’s wife thanked us for what we had done and gave us €50 which we didn’t want to accept at first, but she refused to let us leave without it.”

She added, “We used it to have burgers all round for lunch, which we were grateful for because we were about spent up after the holiday.”

Iman said she shared the incident with her father and her dad loved it.

Iman said her training has helped her have the confidence to help someone or protect her during an emergency situation.

Faith in humanity restored humans.

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