Caught On Cam: Lighting Strike Hits Passenger Plane In Birmingham

A home security camera of a Birmingham resident caught a lightning strike hitting a passenger plane moments after it took off from an airport.

31-year-old Daniel Pereira, the Birmingham Resident, shared the video on Facebook.

WATCH: CCTV captured the terrifying moment a plane was hit by lightning taking off from Birmingham Airport. Read more:

Posted by ITV Central on Monday, 10 February 2020

The video showed a lightning strike hitting the Aer Lingus plane shortly after it took off from the Birmingham Airport at about 9:30 pm on Sunday.

During an interview with the local news, Pereira said, “We see planes going over our house all the time, never seen anything like that before.”

A spokesperson of the Aer Lingus confirmed that the airplane in the video was theirs and it was struck by lightning.

The spokesperson said the plane did not suffer any damage and landed in Dublin just like it was scheduled.

A spokesperson for the Birmingham Airport said airplanes are designed to avoid damages after they get hit by lightning strikes.

The spokesperson said, “Aircraft are built to withstand lightning and do frequently encounter lightning during flying.”

The spokesperson added, “Aircraft are designed to withstand lightning strikes by using static wicks which allow the electricity to pass back into the air from the fuselage.”

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