Caught on tape: 6 meter shark stalks 2 men in a Boat

A 6-meter great white shark scared the heck out of 2 fishermen after it circled around their boat. The whole incident was recorded and shared by Grayden Sharpe.

Grayden was with Jason Atwell, his fishing partner, off the coast at Busselton, which is around 200 km away from Perth.

The 2 men were scared when they saw the 6-meter great white shark, as it was somehow bigger than their fishing boat.

Jason and Grayden were fishing off the coast of the Port Geographe Marina by 11:30 am on Saturday when suddenly, they noticed the shark circling around their boat.

During an interview, Grayden said that this was the biggest shark he has seen in his life.

Grayden said that he was having thoughts about the shark knocking their bot over,

The 6-meter great white shark circled around their boat for a couple of times.

Jason and Grayden believe that the great white shark was around 6 meters long.

Their boat was only 5.8 meters.

The shark stalked them for a couple of minutes and was seen swimming beside their boat, out of fear, the 2 fishermen decided to go back to the shore.

Luckily, no person was injured in the terrifying act, even after the great white shark came close to the boat.

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