Caught On Tape: Texas Police Officer Tries To Detain Wrong Man On An Out-of-State Warrant

Clarence Evans was sitting on his front yard with his son and daughter when a police officer pulled up and tried to arrest him for an out of state warrant.

In a video of the incident, you can hear Clarence saying, “Just because I have dreads or something” while the police tried to arrest him.

The Texas cop spotted a black man with dreads on his front yard and claimed that Clarence fit the description of another black man with dreadlocks who was wanted in Louisiana.

The officer said that the dog Clarence owned was stolen, but according to the caption of the video that Clarence posted on Facebook, he said that he had proper paperwork of his dog that proves he is the rightful owner.

And when the officer asked for his identification card, Clarence refused to present it to him, which led to the cop wanting to detain him, the cop also called for backup.

The caption of the video that was posted by Clarence said, “He then asked for Id and I politely tell him no he then says to me “put your hands behind your back Reg” I have never in my life went by that name then he tells I have a felony warrant out in Louisiana and calls me Quinton.”

A law in Texas states that a person does not have to identify themselves unless they have been arrested lawfully.

The video that was posted by Evans was nearly 5 minutes long, and throughout the video, you can hear him saying that the police officer does not even know his name but has an Out-of-State Warrant.

The officer claimed that he had a warrant against him that was from Louisiana. When the officer said this, Evans asks how is that even possible because he does not even live in Louisiana.

A couple of seconds later, the police officer calls Clarence Evans by the name of Quinton, he then responds with, “My name is not Quinton, what the fuck is wrong with you.”

The woman who was recording the video also yells out and tells the police officer that his name is not Quinton.

Evans added, “You walked up here and called me three different names. That is the third name you just, no.”

He then continuous with, “I’m not going to be the next n***** you kill.”

But the police officer still insists that Evans was the wanted man with a warrant from Louisiana.

The officer also tried to tell Evans to walk with him, and Evans replied with, “You in my yard, in my property, fuck that.”

After some time, a backup police officer arrives and brings the phone of the police officer that was trying to detain Evans, they showed Evans the man that they were actually looking for.

Evans replied, “That does not look like me, what the fuck is wrong with you man.”

He added, “What you trying to say because I am black and have dreads that’s me?”

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