#Cerealchallenge: Latest Viral Trend Tells People To Eat Cereal Out Of Each Other’s Mouths

We know viral trends are crazy and out of hand, most of the time we can’t understand the logic behind them. In the latest trend on social media, people are filming themselves eating cereal out of each other’s mouths.

Yes, you read that right, not bowl but out of each other’s mouths.

TikTok, which is considered by Trevor Noah as ADHD in the form of an application, is the home of the weird videos and internet challenges, which most of us don’t understand.

In the latest trend, which is called the #cerealchallenge, people are pouring milk into their mouths before throwing in cereals so another person, who is usually their partner or friend, can eat them.

The challenge requires 2 people. The first person is the bowl and the second person will be the person who will be eating the cereal out of their partner’s or friend’s mouth.

In some of the videos that users shared on social media, particularly on TikTok, you can see the mess this challenge creates.

In the videos that are viral, most of the people are having difficulties in the challenge as the bowl person is having a hard time keeping the milk and cereal in their mouths.

Some people did manage to pull what many thought is impossible. But, most of the videos that were shared on TikTok and other platforms show users spilling milk and cereal all over the floor.

I mean who wouldn’t, it’s not easy to hold a lot of milk and cereal inside your mouth. Here are some of the most viral videos of the challenge on social media.

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