“Cute But Stubborn” Pitbull Adopted After Spending Over 1000 Days In California Animal Shelter

Marmaduke, a Pitbull, spent over 1000 days in a shelter home in California before it got adopted.

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Posted by Valley Animal Center on Thursday, 8 August 2019

The dog was brought in at the Valley Animal Center, located in Fresno, California, on November 2016.

A video was made for Marmaduke by the staff of the Animal Shelter.

They said, “He came to us without obedience training and was cute but stubborn.”

It is reported that Marmaduke arrived at the Valley Animal Center and went through training with volunteers and the Creature Coach Animal Training.

Marmaduke underwent training so his chances of being adopted can increase.

It is reported that Marmaduke had skin allergies when he was brought in the animal shelter.

In order to help him recover from his allergies, the staff made a special diet plan for him and got him medicine.

The Valley Animal Center said they were proud of the progress of Marmaduke, but the problem was that no one was adopting him.

Luckily, after spending 1001 days at the Valley Animal Center, a “potential adopter came in”

The potential adopter saw Marmaduke and was really interested in adopting him.

According to the Valley Animal Center, the adopter made a couple of visits to the shelter and asked them about the special food and medication requirements of the puppy.

And on August 2, 2019, the adopter came in again and said that he wanted to make the adoption official.

Days after Marmaduke got adopted by the adopter, he and his new owner are enjoying.

The Valley Animal Center says that Marmaduke “gets daily walks, LOTS of love, and already shows his owner how grateful he is for picking him, to join his family.”

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