Dog Tied To Short Chain Stands On Back Legs All Day In Scorching Heat

If you own a pet, make sure you know how to take care of him/her with love and equality no matter what the circumstances are.

Earlier this year, pictures went viral of a dog that was tied to a short chain in Teloloapan, Mexico.

The pictures showed a dog tied to a short chain, which forced him to stand on the back of his legs all day during scorching heat.

The incident happened in the Emiliano Zapata area of Teloloapan, Mexico.

It is reported that the owners of the dog left him in chained to a short-chain amidst the scorching heat.

In the pictures above, you can see the dog forced to stand on his two legs so he could avoid getting suffocated.

A Passersby decided to talk to the owners of the dog and told them to unchain the dog and bring him inside, but the requests of the passers were ignored.

The stranger managed to take a couple of images of the poor dog before leaving the neighborhood.

The images were shared by the stranger on social media.

The images were first shared on Twitter, and it didn’t take time for them to go viral.

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