Dumb Man Who Licked Toilet Bowl For “Coronavirus Challenge” Gets Ill In Hospital With Deadly Disease

A moron that filmed himself licking a toilet bowl for the sake of the coronavirus challenge on TikTok, is now ill in the hospital after contracting the deadly disease.

In the bizarre footage, which was shared on TikTok, a social media platform, the man can be seen placing his mouth around a toilet bowl and licking its seat.

According to Piers Morgan, the man is currently getting treatment for the virus.

Morgan, who is a presenter, said, “You may remember also the other idiot, this is also in America, as part of the coronavirus challenge some morons are doing, went into  his local toilet cubicle and licked the bowl.”

The presenter added, “I think this called karma – he’s got coronavirus.”

In the coronavirus challenge, social media users can be seen licking objects in public areas amidst the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected over 470,000 people all over the world.

This is not the only person that has taken part in the horrible challenge.

The stupid craze started after a TikTok influencer shared a clip of herself licking an airplane toilet seat.

During an interview with the Metro, the woman said, “I was tired of that b***h corona getting more publicity than ME. I’m the real celebrity.”

As of writing this blog, the coronavirus challenge has been viewed by over 931.6 million people on TikTok.

John Campbell, a retired doctor, said behaviors like these help spread the virus even to those people that are hiding.

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