Ex-Lover Who Killed 2 Sisters At Chandigarh Residence Arrested In New Delhi

One day after the police found 29-year-old Manpreet Kaur and 26-year-old Rajwant Kaur dead inside their guest accommodation in Chandigarh, the police arrested the former lover of Manpreet Kaur as the primary suspect of the crime.

A police team that consisted of police officers from Chandigarh arrested Kuldeep, the former lover of Manpreet Kaur.

Kuldeep is the son of a retired sub-inspector.

Kuldeep was arrested by the police form a railway station in Delhi.

According to Nilambari Jagadale, the senior superintendent of the Chandigarh Police, 29-year-old Manpreet Kaur, and 26-year-old Rajwant Kaur were living in Mohali, Chandigarh while they were working at a chemical factory in Zirakpur.

The 2 sisters are originally from Abohar, Punjab.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Manpreet Kaur and Kuldeep were in a relationship for 9 years, but the 2 broke up earlier this year.

It is reported that Kuldeep suspected that Manpreet started to date another man.

On the intervening night of August 14 and 15, Kuldeep, the ex-lover, managed to sneak inside the room of the 2 sisters and started to check her mobile while she was sleeping.

Manpreet woke up and realized that someone broke inside their house.

It is reported that Manpreet started to scold Kuldeep and out of anger, her ex-lover used a pair of scissors to attack her.

Rajwant, the sister of Manpreet, woke up and saw her sister.

Kuldeep stabbed and killed Rajwant as well.

Kuldeep ran away from the room after killing the 2 sisters.

Their deaths came to light after her parents called them and they did not pick up their calls.

The parents then alerted the owner of their accommodation,  and upon checking, the owner found the 2 sisters dead inside their room.

The police were called.

A CCTV installed in the area showed Kuldeep running away from the accommodation building of the 2 sisters.

His name was also mentioned during the preliminary investigations.

The police managed to trace the exact location of Kuldeep, and he was arrested in a railway station in New Delhi.

More details about the murder are to be released by the police.

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